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17 February 2012 @ 08:52 am
All the people are willing to hold your hand.  
I've been having such a difficulty with sleeping these last two days. I don't know why!

It would make sense if I were having nightmares or something, but it's nothing like that.

It's just this restlessness. Last night I even went as far as to take a melatonin.

They are supposed to latch onto what sleepy feelings you already have and weigh it down more so you go to sleep.

Nope. I apparently didn't have any sleep for it work with.

Maybe it's a vitamin thing? -Shrug.- I dunno.

I've been re-reading/watching FMA lately, and I forgot two things.

1. How much I really loved this series. How much I loved Edward and his growth as a person.

2. How much of a manipulative ass Mustang was. Sure, he's got his messed up back story with the war and all, but that really doesn't excuse how it seems like he's willing to do anything to get a promotion. At least in the anime.
Actually, he seems a little more like a person in the manga. Strange.

Edit: Stories: 3/3 Woot! I made my goal! I know no one is reading these, but if anyone wants to read them they are on my writing journal, mindspace_tm
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