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25 April 2011 @ 11:37 am
...How +do+ we get to //\\// e v e r l a n d.  
Hmm... This weekend was pretty much uneventful. Well there was the avoiding of cosplayers and the like, but beyond that, on Sunday, we stayed in bed almost the entire day.

Part of that might have been due to the contact high I got while in the park on Saturday afternoon.

We gamed, and watched desperate housewives and ate pasta, and given how lazy our day was, it was a little surprising for me to realize that it was Easter.

Not that I celebrate Easter as a principle, but the commercialism version that we've grown into has been a pretty constant for a while for me.

And then I think about the pagan holiday that it's based off of. Rebirth and renewal, the first of the Spring shoots and good things!

I think we could all use some good things now a days, myself included.

After such a day of laziness and becoming vegetation, it is time to clean today~

Spring cleaning. <3 There's clutter and feathers from the new kitty toy all over the carpet.

I even know what I'm doing for dinner tonight. And this makes me very happy indeed. A peppered bacon and fingerling potato hash with a green salad on the side.

!! That reminds me, I need to buy tomatoes and milk... Hmm~ I might get basil and make these interesting savory cupcakes I read about in a book... I have pesto and a cupcake tin, and those would be awesome for breakfasts~

At least I'm not so strapped for cash. I get paid this week, and I am very thankful of that.

Anyways! The world has now come into focus thanks to the help of a well placed cup of tea, and it's time to battle monsters and save the universe!
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