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14 February 2012 @ 03:18 pm
My lap has been claimed by the feline, but that's not something very new.

Work was decent, except for how I kept knocking over things. I ended up wearing a hot chocolate today. I'm sure it's fitting to smell like chocolate on Valentine's Day, but the vanilla was something new.

I had a happy surprise when I got into work today, after settling down into the cushy office chair with my mocha, I looked up and saw that my schedule for next week had a few places highlighted for training. I was all,

"Buh? We don't have anyone new training- Not that I know of? Right?" *Apparently* those are training spots for me! IE: I'm being trained to be a supervisor! Which means~ That I get to stay with the HMS Lynnwood. That and, my promotion is going through soon. Which means:
1: More hours. I'm getting 35hrs next week instead of last week I only had 24hrs. And.
2) More money. I actually get a raise. I'm not sure how much, but R A I S E. -Happy noise.-

For Valentine's Day, we're not doing anything that special, but since Danilov is retailing and trying to come down with something and the whole "crazy-lots of people" thing. We're perfectly okay with just a quiet night. I did pick up some vodka to make something to go with the cake I bought. Third lieutenant Sheehan says it's amaaaaazing~ So, I'm going to take her word for it, mix it with some orange and mango juice and see what happens.

I get to filter through my newly DLed FSTs and hope that I find something good. I mean, I've been finding good musics, but they don't really go with whom/what they are the FSTs for. Meh. At least I'm getting some new music.

Stories= 2/3

I meant to only write a drabble, but I failed and went over the 100 word count.

Also, I might want to up my goal, but right now, I'm trying to see where I'm at. It's like a test. Where am I comfortable? It's not a challenge yet. Eventually I will push myself, but right now, the writing is just flexing and stretching my creativity before I do the actual labor.
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