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16 February 2012 @ 01:55 pm
Emotion, yet peace  
Today was made of rawr. Just full of growly and I just wanted to hit something, or someone, or go drown for a few hours. -Flail.- Yesterday was awesome though <3

But today, It all started because I didn't sleep well at all. I kept waking up at random times. Midnight. Three am. Four am. Seven am. -Grumble.-

I finally woke up enough at seven to roll over and cuddle Danilov. And that was nice, an hour of cuddles. Mmm~ Now I want more cuddles.

I had to go the DMV today. A place of utter hell, on a good day. It didn't make it any better for today.

I stand in what was a pretty short line, and I ask the lady behind the counter if she had a study guide I could look over. She gives me the office copy. When I go to sit down, I'm accosted by this gentleman who cannot speak English, and he's waving his hands and his ticket number in my face. He was saying that he needed the study guide, and I told him I needed it for me. And he kept at it. Finally I couldn't take it any more and said that he could use it, but he needed to bring it back.

I sit down for a few minutes- Look over my shoulder and he's outside in the rain, WRITING in the office copy. As it was I didn't get to study at all. I did pass though.

However when I was up at the counter, apparently my name wasn't fully cleared to get my licence. I was- livid. My vision was starting to go all blurry and I was a few steps short of tears.

When I called Colorado, they told me that after I sent in everything, all I had to do was take the piece of paper back to the DMV in Washington and they would clear my name.

So- The DMV was only a branch place, and apparently Olympia is where they do all the big name clearing stuffs. Yeah. I was about to throw something at this point.

It didn't help that the lady at the counter was not explaining it clearly due to a language gap. -Grrrrr-.

I pass my test. That's good. And I go back up to the counter, figuring that I'm just going to finalize things, yes I passed, yes I know I have to call Colorado.

Nope, it actually did go through, and I was cleared. Yay.

I mean, I'm excited, but after a day like today. Frell.

Halfway home I started to cry, I just couldn't take it, the stress was too much.

At home, Danilov and I have been snippy at each other, but it's probably mostly me and my growly. And I'm by no means growly at her. I'm just having a really rough day.
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