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25 February 2012 @ 08:56 pm
What a cheeky brew!  
Snow. WTF snow? Sure it was a little cold this morning, but not snow?! Frell. Winter needs to GTFO. Kthnx.

Today was the first day that I ran the HMS Lynwood all by myself. Of course it was the day that we were ambushed by the Canadian fleet from out of Halifax.

Annnnnd of course it was also the day that Lieutenant Keelee visited. While I was trying to train Midshipman Kroll. -Facepalm.-

We were able to finally get some order, despite the powder monkeys trying to stay in the rigging.

After passing command over to Lieutenant Rowe, I felt so... Dead.

I slept- So very long. It wasn't pretty good sleep, full of nightmares.

I dreamed that I was at a store, like a normal store, I think it was like cabinetry or something, and all of sudden, there was lightning, and chaos, and we had to go down to the basement. While in the basement, occult things were happening, magic and demons and the like. And everyone was looking to me for leadership and advice. Midshipman Bushell was there, and was in the middle of being pulled under an ominous waterway that was strangely within the basement when I finally woke up.

It's been left me a little shaky, what the dreams and stress, but I know I'll find my way, eventually.

Tomorrow, I get to work with Lieutenant Rowe. ... Frell.
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